First Week of the Summer of 2013

Summer Solstice fell about 1:04am Eastern time last Friday.  I celebrated that first day of summer with a vacation day.  From the end of June to the end of August, I am taking every other Friday off from work.  My intention is to celebrate this summer of ’13 as best I can.

I was up before sunrise one first day of summer and spent getting checked out with 3 back to back doctors appointments.  At 8am, I had an eye doctor appointment, where I learned that needed bifocals.  That sucked.

At 10am, I had a dentist appointment which went much better than the eye doctor.  The M.D. appointment I had at 12:15pm fell through as the doctor was on vacation.  Apparently the office tried to reach me three times on the same day about a month ago and couldn’t get through.

The afternoon was spent with my honey and my daughter. The evening was spent on the tennis courts, partnered with a lady of advanced years who didn’t move well.  She left me to cover 3/4 of the court while she managed her 1/4.  It made for an exhausting night of defensive tennis.   About the end of the first set, the sun also decided to set, ending the daylight portion of the longest day of the year.

Saturday we had a small reunion of my wife’s family as Cousin Tammy returned to town with her husband.   Tammy is Bonnie’s sister, the one who I ran the Red Top Roaster with a few years back.

A Garden Party Reunion

Sunday night was a scheduled business dinner meeting at the Cliffs restaurant in Laguna Beach.  It was a beautiful night to be at the beach.  A small Jewish wedding took place below us distracting me slightly as we dined.  It was cool to see this couple starting their lives together surrounded by friends and family.

Laguna Sunset

To get to Laguna from my house is a 40 minute drive down three freeways.  As I promised my mechanic a few weeks months ago that I would immediately take my motorcycle on a long ride, I decided to take a very circuitous motorcycle ride to get to Laguna Beach.   The ride was almost 90 minutes each way, but the middle 30 miles home were along an unlit, winding canyon road.   The only light was from the headlight of my motorcycle and the oncoming cars.  I was blinded momentarily a few times by the oncoming headlights, but it was great.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to ride at night.  When I got home, my bones were cold.  It was a nice feeling.  Ironically, being cold meant I was alive.  It was nice to have my bike out and warmed up and chugging like its old self.

Back in the saddle again
Back in the saddle again

This first weekend of summer found me starting Piper Bayard’s new book, Firelands.It’s a good little book and I as I am friends with Piper on various forms of social media, I am having a ball giving her real-time responses as I read her book, including:

  • Who is Tamar Dobbins and why are these guys offering 25lbs of hemp seed for her capture?
  • I don’t trust that Harmony!  #plumpwhileothersstarve
  • I was hoping there would be space cowboys in it. So far, none.
  • You aren’t going to do one of those damn Deus ex machina things at the end are you? I hate that crap.
  •  Sure.  You had to have them kiss, damn.

Piper has been a good sport.  Consider buying the e-book on Amazon before they sell out!

New book for the reading

You may notice the incredibly cool sunglasses that purchased during the summer solstice.  It appears that I left my 15-year-old pair of Ray-Bans® in London on my last day there.  So I bought these Oaklies® and am having prescription lenses put in.  Nothing like buying sunglasses to make one grateful for insurance and ability to pay.

Monday was a back-to-work day with a drive down to Carlsbad for a meeting.  This was the first time I had driven past the San Onofre nuclear power plant since they announced that it would not be restarted.  A few months back,  I was on a flight sitting next to a safety engineer who was close to recent events at the plant.  She hinted that it was too risky to restart.  It’s nice to have that hazard eliminated.  I thought back to the summer of ’84 when I drove past this nuclear power plant and visited my friend Linda.  Her father was a mechanic at the site.   That was so long ago.


As usual, I stopped at the lookout just south of San Onofre.  I looked out at the ocean and back in time at the many times I have made that stop.  I have been there with friends and family, both alive and dead.  I have pictures of The Child as a baby and as a young lady.  Weird how fast time flies, luckily there has always been this fixed place.  Even when I am late, I stop here.   The Marines were training that day.  I wonder what this land will look like 20 years after San Onofre is shut down.  My guess is condos.IMG_1380

Tuesday was back in the office and Wednesday was work from home.  Thursday was another office day with a dinner out with my honey.  The Child has been at the river in Arizona/Nevada this week, have a genuine teen-age summer vacation.  Me, I’ve been doing what I do, working and trying to relax when I can.  Marathon training starts again this weekend, during the first heat wave of the year.  But before I start all that, tonight, I had some berry trifle with my honey.

Berry Trifle
Very Berry Trifle for Dessert

We can’t get back the summers of our youth, all we can really do is enjoy the summer that we get right now.   Summer is going to go quickly, just like the first six months of this year have.

Yes, I said it, the year is nearly half over. I know the first six months happened, because I have lots of pictures.  The days have been full and exhausting.  That’s good I think.  it means life is well lived.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.

First Week of the Summer of 2013

12 thoughts on “First Week of the Summer of 2013

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your tweets. It’s almost like I’m getting to look over your shoulder while you read. Thanks so much for the mention, and for recommending FIRELANDS. So glad you got some down time. 🙂

      1. And yes. Daisy had to die. I didn’t even realize it until I was writing that scene, but no way was that dog going to just sit there while all that was going on.

        Then, three days after I wrote that scene, my own dog, Daisy, was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

        I’m really loving hearing your feedback as you read. Thank you. This is very cool for me. 🙂

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