Slipping Quickly

It’s safely over before the brain has a chance to process what happened.

A sharp turn necessitates a hard lean into an part of the street that has had construction going on all week.

The rear tire of the motorcycle rolls over the loose gravel and loses contact with the street.

Unconstrained by the friction of the asphalt, the tire begins to spin freely.

Under the lean, the bike starts to slip.

Then the rear tire graps the aphalt again and we (the bike and the rider) motor on.

About this time, the brain catches up and realization sets in.

It felt as if the rear tire spun several times; but it didn’t.  Did it?

It was disconcertingly free though. 

Done with the turn, the bike is straightened.

The rider is the one a worse for wear mentally, because if it hadn’t fixed itself, we both would quickly have ended up on the ground.

The heart beats a bit faster, the brain does the what ifs, but it’s all useless.

What’s done is done.

We’ve moved on.

Slipping Quickly

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