Carpe Aestas (Seize the Summer) : Week 4

Carpe Aestas: Seize the Summer.    From June 21 to September 21, 2013, I am going to do my best to try to suck the marrow out of this season.  Too many summers have gone by the wayside, wasted on work and mindless living.   My goal this summer is to catalog these days and ensure that I don’t lose focus on enJOYment as the drearydoms of normal life set in (as they often do).

This is the fourth week of summer. We are almost 1/3 of the way through the season.  Life has started to intrude and it’s getting hard to stay in that “seize the summer” mentality. The Santa Barbara Marathon is 16 weeks away and the training is intruding on my quest for find the joy.

Tennis by Sunset
Tennis by Sunset

This fourth Friday of summer, as always, was tennis night.  Everything seemed to be working and I was really grateful.  I took my first tennis lesson when I was 5.  By all rights, I should be much better player than I am.  I am just where I am.   My skill is a function the time I have put in, my consistency and my fitness.  I enjoy it, which ultimately is what matters.

What should have been a short 3 mile run on Sunday turned into just under 12 miles.  Everything just felt good, so I just kept running, even though I didn’t bring water or gels.  The girls were going to go out to breakfast at Soupplantation that morning while I was running (I asked them to go without me).  At mile 5, I called and asked them to delay their breakfast by an hour so I could run the extra miles to get to them.   As I hadn’t had breakfast, I was starved.  Hungry has been a common feeling this week.  Lots of calories have been going out and I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night famished.   At times, I have not felt hungry, eaten something and then felt starved.


I realized early in the weekend that this was not going to be a very celebratory summery week.  I kept trying to think of things to do as a family of the summer season.  One night after dinner we decided to head down to Marie Calendars for pie.  I had the Key Lime, Laura had the strawberry banana and The Child had Oreo Cookie Cheesecake. I was just nice to be out and doing something indulgent as a family.  I worried about the calories of each pie on the menu and the ladies reminded me that if I am worried about the calories, I shouldn’t have come for pie.  Good point.

This week, I registered for the Big Sur Marathon.  I am glad I didn’t wait as the race which sold out in 26 hours last year sold out in 53 minutes this year.   It’s weird having two marathons behind me and two ahead.  I find myself much more excited about Big Sur than I am Santa Barbara.   I’ve been  giddy all week about Big Sur. I am visualizing the entire race and am looking forward to the miles of hills climes.  I should probably channel all that energy for the race that is 9 months away into training for the race that is only 16 weeks away.

I wanted to go out with the family this evening and see a movie.  Frankly, there was nothing out there we really wanted to see.  So I will close this week out by wishing you all well before I head to the gym.   On the plus side, tomorrow is one of those every other Fridays that I have off and I plan on enjoying it.

Carpe Aesta
Carpe Aestas People!
Carpe Aestas (Seize the Summer) : Week 4

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