An Open Letter To The Children of Las Vegas

Dear children of Las Vegas,

Don’t be the guy in the Elmo costume standing on the Strip in 106 degree weather trying to make “donations”.   You don’t want that job, get an education!.

The costume stinks from the perspiration of the guy who had it on the shift before you.  Every dollar you are given will be split with the guy who bought the suit 10 years ago.

On your street, you  have competition from Cookie Monster, Buzz and Woodie, Voltron, the Elvis guys and the little kid who plays classical music on his keyboard and of course, the beggars. What’s doing to differentiate you from any of them?  The beggars actually have an advantage over you in that they don’t have a costume pimp taking half.

You can be so much more; everyone wants you to be more, your parents, your teachers, and even though it’s just for tax reasons, the state wants you to be more.

Better to do the work in school than on the streets. You have to do the lame assignments and get them in on time.  You have to go to the library and do the research for the papers.   Trust me, it seems like a pain, but so is standing on a corner with ice packs every day cooling your skin so you don’t pass out waiting for tourists to part with their money.   Trust me, they don’t want to give you a “donation”.

God bless and PLEASE study hard and have a wonderful life.


P.S.  Don’t do drugs, put away 1/10 of everything you earn whether you can afford to or not, and if you can avoid it, never ever ever use credit to buy a depreciating asset (especially food).

An Open Letter To The Children of Las Vegas

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