Thoughts for Day 3 – 2012

I was looking through my Daytimer notes from last October and I came across a few thoughts I had jotted down on my first jet-lagged day in Ireland.   My comments looking back are in bold.

  • The forecast isn’t good.  We’ll have to make the best of it .  (Parting words from the Priest at the church across from my hotel).
  • My thoughts are with a little athlete in San Diego who has injured her neck (she’s better now).
  • Jeter is out.  The team must go on (they didn’t).
  • Charming walk around Ennis.
  • Talking and catching up with old friends.
  • Real Irish stew is good food.
  • It’s good to slow down, sit, drink and listen to the music play.
  • Guiness in Ireland is better than Guiness anywhere else.


What were you thinking about this time last year?

Thoughts for Day 3 – 2012

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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