If It Isn’t One Thing It’s Another

I took part in the Santa Barbara Marathon yesterday.  More will be written about the wonderful and challenging day later.

The good news is that my left calf, which has curtailed my running and tennis for the past few months, came through with no problems at all.   The bad news is that my right knee, the good one, can’t bear any weight.

Something felt odd in my knee about Mile 4. By mile 14, I was clearly on pace to beat my San Francisco Marathon time, though I was uncomfortable running on any uneven surfaces.   Mile 23 was all uphill and I decided to take that one slow to refuel for the last miles.  When I started to run again, I knew I had a problem that was not going to be massaged away.  I ran to finish line, but  once I stopped running, I began to hobble.

Sign on the hill from Mile 23.

God was looking out for me though as evidenced by 1) the bag of ice on the floor where I sat down on the bus and 2) my ability to put all my weight on my left leg.  Even last week there were still very minor twinges in that problem calf.   The last blessing was that I wasn’t starving nor did the rest of my body feel the effects of the 26.2 mile run.  This next morning, my legs aren’t feeling the normal effects of the race.

So Monday I need to get into a orthopod.  Until then I will be crawling on all fours around the house.  The good thing is that the knee doesn’t hurt, it just can’t bear weight.

More info to follow….

Finally, my bling shot.
Finally, my bling shot.
If It Isn’t One Thing It’s Another

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