Movie Review: All Is Lost

I don’t write a movie reviews, but I  saw Robert Redford’s new movie “All is Lost” and I had to put down a few thoughts.

When I was about 5 years old, my mom took me to see “The Way We Were” in the movie theater.  I didn’t really understand any of the film, but to this day, burned into my memory is the beauty of the yacht scene which brought the big screen to life with amazing color and scale.  To see Redford again on a yacht 40 years later reminded me of how much time has passed for both of us.

Some people think this movie is about a man on a damaged sail boat fighting for his life against the forces of nature, “like Jaws, but without the shark, except with sharks”.

I saw this movie as being about hope and fighting to maintain normalcy in a crazy and chaotic world that wants to suck the life out of our bones.  Redford’s character, referenced only as “Our Man” has his world is slowly stripped away by the accidents and elements.   Storms come and go, each leaving his situation a little more dire and his isolated world keeps getting smaller and smaller as his resources are used up and contaminated.  His battle is as much maintenance of  hope as it is maintaining his life.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 8.51.35 PM

Without giving the too much of the ending, Our Man reaches the point where he believes that all is lost and he bets all that remains (hope included) on one last bold gambit.

I am not going to bore you with how good or bad Redford was or how good or flawed the story was.  As someone who hasn’t been on a sailboat in 20 years, there were times I had no idea what Our Man was doing and ultimately, it wasn’t important what I understood.  I will say that there was an order and a calm in Our Man.  He just keeps going.  He does the next logical step without panic.  He kept his head about him when others would probably lose theirs. He was old school.

This is a patient film and it takes a while for things to unfold.  I am guessing most people won’t like this movie.  I did.

Movie Review: All Is Lost

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