Funny as a Crutch

“My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn’t stand the sideline”   Michael Jordan

It has been 8 days since strained my knee during the Santa Barbara Marathon.  For the past week, I have experienced life on crutches.  It has been more strange than painful.

From the time I was 6, my mother taught me to always open doors for others.  It’s second nature to me, like breathing.   This past week, I have experienced a different world, one where people hold doors for me and ladies pushing children in carriages have given way to me hobbling up the way.  It all felt very unnatural.

Heading towards a goal requires leaving the crutch behind

Happily, my knee is feeling much better.  At the gym this weekend, without pain I was able to squat, bend and lift. I tried walking on a treadmill at a slow speed today but it didn’t go well.  I am getting there though.

When I go to work tomorrow, the crutches will stay in the car unless absolutely need for them. I will be opening doors for others.  Apparently, that’s my thing.

I will be happy if for the rest of my life, I continue to be the one opening doors for others.

Funny as a Crutch

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