Mile 24

A few great thoughts on being a marathoner.

Joga Gernal

I am a marathoner.

For serious. I don’t identify so well as a “runner.” But I do identify as a marathoner.

This weekend, I did Ragnar Trail Vail Lake.  It was a good time, there were ups and downs (literally, the elevations were ridiculous), some challenges — a seriously, multiple-y rolled left ankle leading to a seriously pissed off left leg, surprise rain, but still a generally good time was had.

But more so than anything, this event really drove home that I identify as a marathoner.

Before my last leg, I gave myself a little pep talk, one sentence: “ok, you’re at mile 24, get it done.”

And I’ve caught myself using that reference before, too. In the final stages of a ridiculous case, for example. At mile 12.3 at the Santa Barbara Half two weeks ago.

Mile 24 has come to represent the last bit of effort necessary…

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Mile 24

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