Glory without Adversity is for the Young

So it’s 4:30am and I am in a corral of runners dressed as fairies, pirates, and princesses at the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.

This is my first race race of 2014 as well as my first race since the Santa Barbara Marathon last November where I sprained my knee.

I wasn’t able to run a step until about 3 weeks ago. I was finally able to do a sustained run on the sidewalk about two weeks ago.  Despite my loss of fitness over the past two months, I hope that my spirit, my body and most importantly my right knees will carry me through.  My training for this race has been a couple of one mile runs, a few threes and a single 5 mile run. Now I am going to try for thirteen.  Yes, it’s a bit stupid ambitious (here it comes)… BUT

This half is a Disney Race.  Like life, it’s more for fun than for time. I think of this as a  4 mile run inside Disneyland and then a 9 mile run to pick up the bling. Unfortunately also like life, there is a time limit…

I will finish this race and I am confident that I won’t need crutches again later today.

There is an underlying method to this madness.  Exactly 14 weeks from this hour, I have a spot reserved at the start line of the Big Sur Marathon.   I want to start and finish that race.  That desire requires more training than I have done in my previous 3 marathons.  I need to train a bit harder than my knee might be read for today.  We’ll find out.

The first coral is taking off.  I gotta run, people.


P.S.    This flashed across my FB timeline last night.  It reminded me to thank you to all the well-wishers who have been sending supportive messages during this knee issue all the way through last night.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Glory without Adversity is for the Young

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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