Shake Shack, New York

Love this particular store. Wish I could get there more.

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Other than being in your warm embrace, my favourite place in the world is New York City.

Like everything else I love in my life, it has taught me some valuable lessons. Lessons like don’t follow a shady guy who claims to be a taxi driver into a parking lot when there are dozens of taxi drivers a few steps beyond him. I did this once on my last trip to the states and was terrified that my liver would be on the black market within the hour. That didn’t happen, but I did have to pay three digits for a single cab ride from the airport to my hotel.

That’s one thing I never want to try again.

Something I did want to try again? Shake Shack.

And try again I did.


Shake Shack should be a national heritage site. It should be placed on all ‘places to visit’…

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Shake Shack, New York

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