Insidious Fear Inducing Thoughts

About 15 years ago, back in my technical days, I would travel the country with an older engineer. He was a good old boy from the south who liked his drink and the ladies.

Maybe 10 years ago he was killed at a railroad crossing when guard rails failed to deploy. It was a big story on the local news and it was a big shock that following Monday when we learned it was him.

I still work around the lady that we all assumed would one day soon be his wife. The tragedy shot that wedding to hell.

Today as I was getting ready to cruise over a set of train tacks, that insidious fear stuck it’s head out: “what if the guard rail fail AND a train just happens to be there. It’s improbably, but it’s happened to someone I know, so I looked both ways before crossing the tracks.

I then recall the scene for “The World According to Garp”, where after the plan crashes into the house, Garp decides to buy the house because he knows they will be safe there: after all, what are the odds it could happen again.

Be at peace people. Be at peace.

Insidious Fear Inducing Thoughts

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