Day 11 on the Road: Nyon

I am back in Nyon, which is always good.  I slept until 7am which is the latest I have slept in what seems like forever.  Yesterday was train rides 19 and 20 from the North of France to Geneva and then to Nyon.

As always on these long trips, I plan to blog every day. As also happens, I don’t get a chance to come up for air until near the end of the trip. I joke they I am so underwater right now that if I came up for air, I would die of the bends.

The calendar reminds me that a 10 mile run is scheduled.   So is reading, thinking and planning ahead of the next three days.   The backlog of work at home is best not considered.  Tomorrow is meetings in the office and then Monday night we fly to the UK for Tuesday meetings. On Wednesday, we have to be in a cab at 4:15am on to catch our flight home.  Yeah, that’s going to be fun.   I am looking forward to attending Ash Wednesday services with my family that evening.

I am tired and want to crawl back into bed, but that’s not in my best interest.  A day like this is easily squandered and must be used to keep moving the various balls up the field.  Monday and Tuesday will be a blur in which there will be not time to breathe and think, just react.   Thus, today is a day of rest and preparation.

Lest you think this is all work and no fun:


I hope your day is grand.

Day 11 on the Road: Nyon

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