Day 14: Ash Wednesday Travel Home

I am traveling today… Home

It’s been two weeks since I left my family. It will be good to see them again this afternoon Pacific Time. Right now, it’s 5am In the United Kingdom. Ironically, the fastest way home from where I am required traveling East to Frankfurt. That’s life sometimes.

Today is Ash Wednesday. In my faith, it is a day observed by abstaining from meat, fasting (two small meals) and meditation. I am challenged today. It is difficult to fast and abstain when German flight attendants are in one’s face offering champagne, wine and breads and other delights for 14 hours.

I am not going willingly into this observance. I want to barter and rationalize with God. Get this one: “Ash Wednesday hasn’t started at home yet, so I can eat until midnight Pacific time and then I will start”. Another good one was Jesus didn’t know about air travel so I should start my fast tomorrow. It’s all crap. The fast starts on Ash Wednesday and it’s Ash Wednesday where I am. I just have to travel through it.

I walked into the airport this morning and saw a huge Burger King. This was the first time in months I’ve even give. That place a second thought. Having to abstain will do that. I went into the business lounge and passed by the drinks and snacks. I did eat the bowl of Granola and the bits of fruit on my first flight and I had water, despite how good the coffee smelled.

I am traveling home today, both physically and spiritually. The physical journey ends in 14 some odd hours. The spiritual journey, well, who knows.

I hope that the coming Lenten season is meaningful for you.

Day 14: Ash Wednesday Travel Home

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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