Such Problems A Person Should Have

I entered the lottery on December 1.

I waited.

I woke up today looking for that certain email.

I waited.

I got my answer a few minutes ago.


I admit to feeling a little numb and disappointed.

Given that I am rehabbing a knee/hamstring injury just 30+ days before my next marathon, I half-expected the universe to have a sense of humor and to put me into the NY Marathon so I would start training again in July.  In truth, I am glad not to get in and to see in the near future an opportunity for an extended break from long-distance running.

The way my body has responded the past year, I don’t think my body has many marathon training cycles left.

It’s not so much the marathons that are the problem, it’s the mandatory training miles and having to ignore aches and pains as well as all the cross-training and the associated opportunity costs.

There are no unmixed blessings or curses.   Not making it in to the marathon makes it easier for me to take my family to New York to see Derek Jeter’s final games in Yankee Stadium.  Such problems a person should have, no?

I have friends with children in the hospital. If this is the worst thing that happens to me this year, I am a lucky man.

Good luck to those who made it into the NY Marathon for 2014.  I wish you all enjoyment and fun.  I promise to get up early that day and cheer you on.

For those who have real problems in this life, I send you well wishes.

For now, I am going to go and not run, take ibuprofen until I am full, fiercely foam role my IT bands and watch the sun go down.

Peace People.



Such Problems A Person Should Have

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