The Butterfly: The Shape-Shifting Mascot

May is Lupus Awareness Month.

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As a curious person I often rely on Wikipedia for my trivial knowledge, but when it comes to lupus, I love my straight up medical facts. One thing I never questioned, but never knew the answer to is trivial but wiki wouldn’t do- why a butterfly?

The symbol for lupus is a butterfly- An animal that is symbolic for rebirth, renewal, and transformation. Or- is it because we get this hideous Malar Rash across our faces (exhibit: a). And so, through my research I learned some new lupus trivia, such as, yes- it is because of the rash.

And hello- I share a disease with Millie “The Most Famous Dog with Lupus.” Question: Who is the most famous cat? 

So while I’m not ready to abandon my negative feelings towards my views of the butterfly as our symbol (it’s a shape shifting creature that has a short life…

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The Butterfly: The Shape-Shifting Mascot

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