Day 3 – The Rijksmuseum

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On the morning of Day 3, I awoke in a hotel room to the sound of rain.  After the sun came up, I made my first peak out the hotel window.  Yep, I was in Amsterdam in winter.

The View Out My Window
The View Out My Window

Eleven months earlier, in a Texas airport I read an article in the Sunday Financial Times reporting that the Rijksmuseum, the national gallery of the Netherlands had reopened after a multi-year renovation.   I had  been to the Rijks museum a half-dozen times before always with colleagues, friends and loved ones, and always during the renovation when only one-quarter of the museum was open.  On this Saturday I would have most of day to enjoy the museum without concern for anyone else but me.

I Got My Ticket
I Got My Ticket

I checked out of my hotel and left my bags at the front desk. In delight, I negotiated the streets of Amsterdam.  Again, I could have taken a cab, but you know, it’s Amsterdam.

I walked in, joyfully paid my money and feeling like a kid in a candy store, entered this place for the first time since June 2009.  The renovated museum was beautiful.  Like a nerd, I rushed through the gallery rooms to find my favorite piece, l’amour merςnant, “the menacing love” by Etienne Maurice Falonet, a statue made for Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV.

l'amour merςnant,
l’amour merςnant, by Etienne Maurice Falonet

As the museum had just opened I was afforded the luxury of sitting quietly with this piece for an unusually long while.  People who know me would not believe that I could sit quietly for so long. Although I wanted to see the entire museum, I wanted to savor this precious time with this piece that is so special to me. I took dozens of pictures from every angle I could think of to try to capture the details.  I sat quietly looking at this piece in its newly remodelled home.  I was happy.

The 7 minute video below presents the highlights of my visit to the Rijks.  I had seen so many of these pieces before that they felt like old friends.  I will admit that just seeing the video, I get giddy.


As the hours past, the museum filled up.  At one point I looked out the window and saw a line of people all the way down the street, standing in the rain, waiting to get in.  Never underestimate the value of getting to a museum when it opens, no matter how much time you have.

Before leaving the museum, I sat with l’amour merςnant again.  As much as I despise the loving of things, I had to admit that I love this statue.  I said goodbye to the piece and made my way out.

I walked back to the hotel, gathered my luggage and caught a cab to the Amsterdam Central train station.  By 3:30pm I was back at Schipol Airport and then by 6pm I was in London.   Three trains later, and I was at my sister’s house drinking a nice cup of tea.

Traiin to Ealing Broadway
Traiin to Ealing Broadway

Standing on the train in London, it all felt surreal.  I spent about 30 hours in Amsterdam and now I was in here. I did a quick tally and was amazed that I had  been on 11 different trains in 3 days in 3 countries.   Newark to New York and back, across the Netherlands and about London.  It amazes me sometimes just how comfortable I am getting around.  It amazes me how blessed I am.

Trip Talley
Days Away 3
Hotels 1
Countries 3
Planes 3
Trains 11
Taxis/Cars 3
Friends/Family Visited 3 + 1 statue


Day 3 – The Rijksmuseum

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