Travel Day 14 of 2014: A New Adventure

Travel day 14 of 2014 marked the start of another road trip.  Strangely, I found myself on the tarmac of Seoul, Inchon Airport in South Korea. I wasn’t planning on coming to South Korea, but hey, sometime you take a plane, sometime the plan takes you.  A control freak might have a problem with that, but I just found it another airport to check in at on Foursquare.

On a Gate in Inchon/Seoul So. Korea
Unremarkable Tarmac Photo, Inchon/Seoul So. Korea

The 8am flight out of Santa Ana was delayed, but that was no worry. I had a 4 hour layover planned in San Francisco. You might ask why I decided to fly out of San Francisco rather than LA. The answer is that I hate flying international out of LA. San Francisco is much more civilized.

I had planned to spend the time in San Francisco working, but the Yankees were on and there was WiFi. Coupled with the fact that colleagues and running buddies, Natalie was sitting behind home plate, there was no work getting done this Saturday morning.

I recently read an article that seat back pocket was the place on an airplane most prone to bacteria. For this reason, I decided to create the Seat Back Pocket Condom. Designed to keep my stuff free for whatever dirt, grime or bodily fluids might be contained within. You can find one at a grocery store near you.!

The Seat Back Pocket Condom
The Seat Back Pocket Condom


The rain delayed the Yankee game for a short time just as it delayed my arrival in Shanghai 13 hours later. About 10 hours into the 13 hour flight we diverted to Seoul.  When we landed we had no indication how long we would be sitting there. As we approached the runway, we buzzed a few different golf courses.  My first thought was, “They get a lot of rain here”.  Having been raised in the desert and living in drought-strickened California, that was top of mind.  We only spent about an hour on the ground and for the flight 14+ hours in the air.  011

When I applied for my new visa to enter China, I asked for a six-month term with only five days of entry each visit.  They gave me a one-year visa with 90 days each trip.  I am hoping they don’t know something.   After clearing customs, my driver collected my weary bones and delivered me to the hotel.    Happy was I when I heard they had a 24 hour restaurant.  The menu was limited by I ordered the Korean rice with spicy beef and an egg.  There was also a side of kimchi. It was not presented the way I expected and it was spicy.


I think I headed upstairs close to midnight.   A couple joined me on the elevator.  She was Asian, dressed in tight silks and he was probably from India and dressed like an IT guy.  They both spoke English, but they didn’t speak in a way intimate couples or even friends do.   Maybe it was that I grew up in Vegas, but the words, “Shanghai Call Girl” came to mind.    

With crossing the International Date Line my journey started on Saturday at 8am and ended in my hotel about 10pm on Sunday June 1.  I am of the opinion that when you cross the International date line you lose a day that cannot be recoverd by crossing back of the Date Line.   You may get one longer day, but it’s always spent on a plane.

I drafted the first half of this post on the ground in Seoul.  As with my last trip in  China, I had no access to the WordPress website.  I had to wait until I arrived in Japan to even see the draft.    Never underestimate the freedom associated to visit what websites you choose.

Time to go to work.






Travel Day 14 of 2014: A New Adventure

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