Running Out

It’s 7am on Saturday and time is running out.

The plan says to run 20 miles and the temperature is climbing and the best time to go is immediately!!!

But the painters have vacated the premises and it’s time to put the house back together.  I can’t just run out on the girls (again #guilt).

Then there is packing for the trip and when can I print out the boarding passes?

And I need to go into work for a while to do a thing.

I still have to pack and prepare and program the thing.

And there is Easter.    When will we get to church?

Only 29 days until the big race, 70 days until the BIG trip, and 63 days until vacation.

Feeling a little manic right now.

Just need to slow down and prioritize and get done those things which are important and figure out what will be left undone.  Begin with the end in mind, figure out what the best world looks like on Monday night and work backwards.

I feel better now.

Running Out

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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