Milan Again, Naturally.

I find myself in Milan again. It’s about 8pm and the sun is starting to set.  The warmth betrays the start of  summer. It’s just warm enough that I notice it, and the soft breeze offsets any discomfort.

It was about 30F cooler Edinburgh where woke up this morning. Upon arrival at my Italian hotel, I put on a German feed of the French Open, that’s my life right there.  After a 2 hour nap (I slept through the 45 minute alarm)  I went out to buy a few things to nibble on in the room. Rather than rush back and put my head in a computer, I decided to sit a bit in this little square and write.


When I landed in Linate Airport this afternoon, I flashed back on 17 years ago, when my wife, baby daughter and I arrived at that same airport.  It was my first time in Italy.  We were the last ones off the bus to customs and the line was out the door.  I set my wife and child up in seats and took my place at the back of the line with all our bags. Within moments, a security official approached Laura and lead her to the front of the passport line. I grabbed the bags and scurried to catch up.  Seems that the idea of a mother and child waiting around in a cold crowded passport control station just wasn’t acceptable to the officials.  I liked Milan from then on.

I have been here a half-dozen times since. I am always rushing when I am here.  Today, however, is a national holiday, celebrating Italy becoming a republic.  For that reason, today was a day of celebration and not working.  That’s why I decided to sit for a bit and watch the world go by as represented by this little square.  Life is short.

Carpe Aestas people and Ciao!

Milan Again, Naturally.

Your thoughts would be appreciated

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