Carpe Aestas

As of September 23, 4:21 A.M. EDT, Summer is officially over.

It has been a full and exhausting spring and summer and I look forward to telling you all few, about it.

The last thing I wrote about was a quiet peaceful day in Milan.   It sped up after that. Since then, I came home, put Tango down, my sister came for a 3 week visit, the Child graduated High School, we hosted a crawfish boil graduation party, traveled by car to Vegas, Sedona, Grand Canyon, San Francisco and down the coast back to LA. I had 3.5 weeks off work and made two work trips, one to Atlanta and another to Philly.  We got a new dog discovered mold and a foundation crack in the guest bedroom.   We moved the Child into her dorm in New York and began the experience of becoming empty nesters.   Oh yeah, and my dad had a pair aneurisms repaired.

Today, oddly, I find myself in of all places, waking up in Delaware.  Mi Vida Loco!

It’s not so much that I haven’t been writing, I’ve just been too busy this spring and summer to publish; I have many ideas, just no time or energy.

Catch you all up with the details later.

Happy Fall, Y’all.

Carpe Aestas

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