2015 In Summary: 12 Months, 12 Pictures

The premise is simple: Present 12 pictures to describe the highlights of the year. No using pictures from previous blog posts. It doesn’t have to be one picture per month, but try…. Go!

014January – 15Km run in Dubai.  It was in the high 70s.  At this point, I was quite dirty from the sand.  This was my first trip to the UAE.  It reminded me of Vegas.

006March – On a Tokyo Subway.  I had a few good days in Tokyo for work. I prefer to take the trains.  It’s much more interesting.

10509735_815254515176642_2156423780374123058_nApril – Road Trip to Vegas for a cheer competition.  A view from my rear view mirror.

April – Touring Colleges in New York. Five campuses in 4 days.  Family pictures in Roscoe New York.


May – Mile 16 of the OC Marathon. The family came to cheer me on.



001June – Tango’s his last moments.  He went to sleep in my arms.

IMG_8837June – The Child graduates High School.  My sister and brother-in-law came from England and we spent the rest of the month on the road.

July –  During an 8 mile run. Picture taken 50 years to the minute after my birth.  Also, day 1 training for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Marathon.

IMG_0405August – The Child leaves for school in New York.   She is studying nursing.


October – Trail Run with United LA


October – Temecula Half Marthon.   Did not realize there would be brutal hills for breakfast, but they were quite delicious.


November – Chilling at the Bridge to Nowhere

2015 In Summary: 12 Months, 12 Pictures

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