About Me

  •  Disclaimer
  • I can’t respect anyone who can only spell a word one waye.
  • I live on the West Coast, yet I follow the Yankees, the Islanders.
  • I double majored in English and Chemistry at a small Liberal Arts College.
  • I spent more years living in Las Vegas than any child should be allowed to by law.
  • Comments are like tips.   They aren’t compulsory, but they certainly are appreciated.
  • At 46 years into the ride, I am still trying to figure out what needs to be figured out, what needs to be ignored and what just has to be ridden through, like a wave.
  • I won’t admit to having trouble communicating with others, but I often annoy myself in that I made decisions and don’t bother to tell myself.
  • I travel more than I want to.  It’s usually at a frantic pace, but I often find ways to fit in some fun.
  • I write about life mostly.  Those writings might be in the form of a travel blog, a life experience, a picture with a few words.  I could make multiple blogs for different topics and segment my audience, but frankly, I’m not that full of myself….. yet.
  • I run long distances (up to 13.1 miles), but do it slower than 90% of people run those same distances.  Is that good or bad?
  • My 14 y/o daughter is lovingly referred in my writings as “The Child”.
  • There are only so many calories you can burn in a day.
  • Warning: Typos and editing errors ahead.  They reflect my complete and total recovery from trying to look good.  Typos will be fixed within six months of the piece being published….. maybe.
  • If you got this far, hit the dang LIKE button, please.

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