Reverb 2012 – 1 Dec: A Year 91% Completed

The first day of December, the year marks the point where the year is roughly 91% complete.  If this year were a marathon, we would be mile 24.0 of a 26.2; a significant distance into the race, but by no means is it over.  The rest of the course could be flat, uphill or downhill, and regardless of how we feel about it, there is more to come.

Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 7.38.55 AMDecember marks the start of Reverb season.  That time of years where writers reflect on the year behind and ahead and try to get their blog on.  To start this reverb season off, I am avoiding all writing prompts that out there in order to review my goals for 2012 and see how I am doing, while there is still time to make course corrections in the remaining weeks ahead.

The text in black presents my original goals.  The green font is my update from June.   The red shows where I am at as of December 1.

  • Run New York:  I was originally planning on running the Hamptons Half marathon, but instead completed 4 Miler run on behalf of the E&J Autism foundation in East Islip New York back in April.   In October I completed the Rock N Roll 10K in Brooklyn on my way over to Ireland.   THAT was a fun race.  This like all New York races were  yet another case of run, shower and catch a flight.
  • Experience Lent and Easter in a deeper more spiritually satisfying manner.    Made progress, but still not satisfied.  I should put some work into Advent this year.
  • Improve the work/family balance towards the favor of family.  Visited my father in New York. twice!  I will be seeing cousins in San Francisco and UK family during 2012.  Want to do better at home.  The end of the year finds the balance very far in work’s favor.   With unplanned trips in October and a more than 10% of November in training classes, I am behind not just at work, but also in my running and in my home life.  I want to correct that in December.

  • Share a meal with a friend or family I haven’t seen since the 80’s.  No progress on this one.  I did have a lovely time with some friends in East Rockaway in April.  Needs focus.  Happy to report that during my recent travel to D.C., I was able to have dinner with a friend from the I.B. program back in high school.   It was a wonderful evening. I was able to meet her husband and we chatted about how the I.B. experience influenced who we are today.

  • Finish in the top 95% in the WiproSan Francisco Marathon. This would be reasonable for a 47-year-old guy running his first marathon.   I’m a bit behind in my training. This might be a bottom 3% now rather than bottom 5%.   I finished in the top 87%  (or bottom 13% depending on how you look at it) with a 5 hour and 30 minute finish time.  I was giddy to recently read an article that considered that marathon of the 15 most difficult in the world.

  • Spend fewer than 28 nights away from home on business-related travel.  Stretch goal: Fewer than 10 nights. So far, 15 nights spent away from home on business-related travel. No additional travel on the radar screen.   Mega-fail on this one.   October brought an unplanned 14 nights away from home and November brought another 5.   With no travel in December, the 2012 tally of work-related nights away from home will total 34. That’s disturbing.  Had the big work convention not been in L.A., another 5 nights could have been lost.

  • Finish the Long Beach and Disneyland Half marathons in the top 50% while still capturing some great pictures during the race I finished in the top 22% and took some decent pictures.

  • Trail Runs:  Enjoy Xterra Malibu half as well as the Mission Gorge 15K.   Have a strong showing (~ 1hr) at the Buffalo Alley 10K Trail Run.   Mission Gorge was difficult as always but fun.  I missed the Malibu half due to work travel.   I also missed the Buffalo Alley trail run due to work travel.

  • Have lunch with at least one person from work each month.  Three different people in six months.  I need to get at least 9 more people this year.  Fail.  I never made the effort most months.

  • Outside the US, I would like to complete a half-marathon in a country that doesn’t have a picture of Queen Elizabeth on their currency.  Completed!  Copenhagen.

  • Fewer (<2 per set) unforced errors when I receive serves in tennis.  Not made any progress on this one what so ever.  I never really picked this goal to work on.  I also never set up any metrics to track it.  I have played more tennis this year than probably any other year since I worked at the Sands Tennis shop in Las Vegas back in the late 70’s.

  • See the New York Islanders win a game in Los Angeles.   They lost against Anaheim. That goal was mostly out of my control, but I was there, just in case they won.  The 2012 portion of the 2012-2013 NHL season has been cancelled.

We should have so many goals that we fail at at least a few of them.   If we make all our goals, we didn’t aim high enough. So when I look at the goal list, there were many successes.  There were also goals that weren’t met because they were never picked up.

There were failures that were largely the result of a business trip that started small and grew to 14 unexpected nights away from home.  During that trip, there was some good, an unexpected Yankee game in the new Stadium, a 10K in Brooklyn, a visit to Coney Island, some incredible morning runs in Switzerland and a visit to Nyon.  There was also, most importantly time with my dad and his side of the family.

Both trips to Europe this year, were special.  The 14 night trip really required time that I didn’t have to spare.   Longer trips require a long time to prepare and they require a great deal of follow-up.   I didn’t have the additional bandwidth for that unexpected trip and it put me in a hole, both at work and at home.  Despite the family visit, the time in Nyon, and all the wonderful things that I forced into those weeks, looking back, I should have said no to the trip.  I didn’t have time for it.

Now as I am laying out my 2013 travel schedule (because it has to be sorted next week), I find myself focusing on how I can limit my nights away from home.   I will still try to do fun things during my time away, but I need to eliminate any and all unnecessary travel days.

How are you doing on your goals for 2012?
Reverb 2012 – 1 Dec: A Year 91% Completed